How to Fix Office Chair That Sinks?

How to Fix Office Chair That Sinks?

Most people ask the question that how to fix office chair that sinks? Or what causes an office chair to sink? It is usually a very bad situation. This blog post will help you fix the problem and get your chair back to normal. Read on to see what you can do.

Desk jobs are best suited for people who require more concentration and less physical activity. These days office chairs are one of the basic requirements of every office to make employ feels comfortable. The office chair supports your back, arms, and legs making it so you don’t feel fatigued from sitting at your desk for eight hours each day. But if your chair is old, has a design flaw, or is in a state of disrepair, it can damage your back and make you more susceptible to injuries.

What is the cause of office chair sinking?

You deserve to know, why is your office chair sinking? The reason is quite simple. Because the chair cylinder has lost its lifting capacity, your office chair sinks. The part of the chair that links the base to the seat is known as Pneumatic Cylinder. It is also what enables us to move the chair up and down. The pneumatic cylinder contains Nitrogen gas. As a result, when you pull the chair lever, the nitrogen gas inside the cylinder switches chambers, allowing the cylinder to move up and down.

Over time, the seal in the cylinder begins to wear out and leak with excessive use of your chair. So the chair is sinking because of the cylinder. So what now? If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new chair, luckily, there are some easy methods to fix an office chair that sinks or won’t stay up. Before you throw out that chair, try one of these methods to get it back in working order.

How to fix office chair that sinks

Methods you select to fix a sinking chair depend on your budget, skills, and needed flexibility. The following are some of them:

1.    Apply a hose clamp

You’ll need the following items:

  • A hose clamp
  • Jubilee clip
  • Screwdriver

Duct tape

Step 1 First, remove the plastic wrap around the cylinder. This is the metal pipe that connects the wheelbase to the seat. To protect the cylinder from dirt, most office chairs have a plastic tube over them. Move the tube so that the cylinder underneath is visible.

Step 2 Clean the metal cylinder properly

Step 3- Now, set the chair to your required height. When standing, the seat of the chair should be level with your knees. Turn the chair upside down, you will find a retaining clip at the bottom of the base. To push that clip, use a screwdriver. The wheels will be removed first. After that, remove the plastic covering and replace the wheels.

Step 4- Use a jubilee clip to wrap a 2cm hose clamp around the chair’s cylinder. Loosen the screw and gently take out the belt end by using the hose clamp.

Step 5 After that, wrap the uppermost part of the cylinder with duct tape. This will give the clamp a strong grip, preventing the chair from sinking.

Step 6 Place the hose clamp to the cylinder’s top. It is important that the chair is at the right height. Rotate the screw to tighten the hose clamp. 

Sit gently on the chair to see if the sinking has stopped. If the chair is too high or too low, raise or lower the clamp on the cylinder. 

  • Use a PVC pipe 

What you’ll require: 

  • A PVC water pipe
  • Measuring tape
  • A screwdriver
  • A rubber mallet
  • A cutting tool

Step 1- First, remove the seat from the base by using a screwdriver. Start loosening the screw by turning the chair upside down. Using a rubber mallet, carefully tap the attached metal component to remove the seat.

Step 2 Cut the PVC water pipe. However, before cutting the pipe, make sure you wear safety gloves. Measure the length of the pipe and cut it with a cutting tool. 

Step 3 Now join the PVC pipe to the extended cylinder. To get the most precise pipe length, you have to measure the width, length, and circumference of the cylinder. 

Step 4 Before fitting the pipe, cut one end of the pipe by using a hacksaw. This will make moving the pipe on the cylinder much easier. Alternatively, you can simply remove the wheelbase and slide the pipe instead of cutting it.

Step 5- Push the pipe on the cylinder to insert the strut, making sure there are no gaps between the cylinder’s casing and the strut. The pipe should fit snugly, not too loose or too tight.

Step 6- Now it’s time to see how durable the chair is. It should be able to float again at this point. If not, modify the height of the pipe by adding or removing length.

Replace the cylinder

Replace the gas cylinder with a new one if you require the chair to work and feel the same as it did before the sinking. The gas cylinder for office chairs is frequently a standard fit, with a large number of chairs using the same cylinder. Your chair will last for at least another 6 years if done correctly and with a high-quality gas cylinder.


A sinking office chair can be a real pain and a source of discomfort. Whether your chair requires a new cylinder or a hose clamp, it may also require a PVC pipe. Neither of these options is difficult, yet they are designed to fix your sinking chair. However, if you discover that your chair does not require any of these modifications, you can see a professional or replace the chair.

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